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Chapter has begun planning on the Skene Haunted House fundraiser
By Andrew Owen

Brother David Dunavent brainstorming ideas.With two months to gather information, resources, and volunteers, the chapter is now looking to plan and implement the annual Haunted House at the now abandoned, privately-owned Skene High School.  Early on the morning of Friday, August 29, Brothers David Dunavent, Andrew Owen, Wes Patrick, and Joe Raymond assessed the damage to the property since the last Haunted House.  Due to significant security measures set forth in the 2007 Haunted House (barbed wire barricades and chicken-wire over windows), the damage to the facility was not tremendous.  Usually, the building receives considerable damage between Haunted Houses due to the weather and to vandals and trespassers.  Due to the security measures, it took slightly longer for vandals to get into the building to damage it.  Surprisingly, the maze was still intact, and not every wall was covered in graffiti (though most of them were).  Friday's investigation showed that cleaning up the facility would not be tremendously difficult for the chapter to take care of when the date approached.

The damaged barricadeLast year, a member built a barricade to the part of the building that the chapter used (which he knew from the start would only deter trespassers).  He covered it with a very obvious sign to keep people from running into it accidentally, making sure that its use was completely safe.  The image to the left shows what short work the vandals made of the substantial partition.  What draws the trespassers into the empty building in the first place is a great mystery to the chapter and to the owner of the building.

The chapter welcomes any person interested in volunteering to make this event a great one to contact either the president, Joe Raymond, or the chair of fundraising and projects, David Dunavent.  It also welcomes any ideas from anyone on possible themes and rooms. 


Façade of the Skene School
Façade of the building in 2007

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