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Four chapter brothers participate in Lyrecrest Work Weekend
By Andrew Owen

Brothers Andrew Owen and Mark Helmstetter staining the deck. From May 15 until May 17, 2008, four brothers from the Theta Upsilon Chapter visited Lyrecrest, the fraternity’s national headquarters, for the annual work weekend. In an act of volunteerism to better the fraternity and develop strong bonds with brothers from around the nation, the chapter made a lasting mark on Lyrecrest. Brothers Johnathan Gibbs, Mark Helmstetter, Andrew Owen, and Joe Raymond did many tasks around Lyrecrest.  Brother Owen painted the two cottage doors white, while other brothers removed several of the old bunk beds and assembled the new ones.  Brothers Raymond and Owen pressure washed the entire facility, including Lyrecrest North, all in enough time to get the machine back to its owner.  Brothers Helmstetter and Gibbs worked to destroy the back porch of Lyrecrest North in only an hour and a half, rather than the expected several hours.  Eventually, all four brothers wound up staining the front ramp of Lyrecrest, which they did with a deep reddish-brown shade of wood stain called Mahogany Flame.

Group PhotoSeveral other brothers from other chapters worked to landscape the flowerbeds around the main building and around the large sign pictured left.  They also repainted the railing of the façade of Lyrecrest North, and hung beautifully-framed pictures of all the convention photographs around the museum room of Lyrecrest North.

Despite being laid-back but labor-intensive, the experience was memorable for not only the four chapter members who went, but also for the other brothers who came from other chapters.  The 2008 Work Weekend strengthened bonds among the brothers, showing how much fun being at Lyrecrest is, while at the same time reminding the chapter that it is united with hundreds of other chapters through its common experience.

Brothers Gibbs, Helmstetter, Owen, and Raymond, essentially on behalf of Theta Upsilon, made a lasting mark on Lyrecrest, and it in turn left a lasting mark on the four.

Some brothers were wearier than others.  Left to right: Mark Helmstetter, Andrew Owen, Joe Raymond, Johnathan Gibbs
Some brothers were more tired than others.

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